“In de Wildeman” is situated in a former Amsterdam distillery. With its authentic atmosphere and unique character, it is one of the best places in Amsterdam to taste new beers or simply drink your personal favorite. “In de Wildeman” is a beer tasting bar without music and visited by a wide variety of people from all over the world and it also has many local fans. We serve 18 beers on draft. In addition, we have a selection of 250 different types of beers on bottle. We have recently expanded our selection with several bottled ciders. Our selection of beers focuses mainly on Dutch and Belgian beers, such as beers from the trappist breweries and also beers from local Dutch brewers. However, we also serve a vast amount of British and German beers. We usually have an English ale, as well as a German beer on draft and many different bottled German beers also.
Currently, we have a selection of bottled American beers and we regularly have one on draft.

For detailed information on our complete selection, take a look at our bottled beer list and check out our draft list on the site, to see what we have on draft right now!

Laatste nieuws

06-01-2015ABT Bier van de Maand Januari 2015
12-12-2014De Ambassadeurs op bezoek bij brouwerij Wittenburg
13-11-2014ABT Bier van de Maand November 2014
Fles van de week
Oedipus Mama Summer Ale
5%  25cl
€ 4,50
Fles van de maand
Fässla Bambergator
8.5%  50cl
€ 7
't Vølen Zeebonck
6,5%    25cl    € 3,10
Thistly Cross ‘Whisky Cask’ Cider
6,9%    25cl    € 4,30
Wild Beer Co. Madness I.P.A.
6,8%    25cl    € 5
Fässla Gold Pils
5,5%    25cl    € 3,50
De Vriendschap Puike Pale Ale
6%    25cl    € 4,30
Struise Pannepot
10%    25cl    € 6,60
Jopen Mooie Nel I.P.A.
6,5%    25cl    € 5
Kundmüller Weiherer Lager
4,7%    25cl    € 3,80
Against the Grain Killewitte
4,5%    25cl    € 5
De Prael Willeke Tripel
7,5%    25cl    € 4,90
Brewdog Brixton Porter
5%    25cl    € 4,30